Holidays Are Magical at Marilla Country Store

November 18, 2020

During the holidays, there is no better time to make the trip to the Marilla Country Store.

Anyone who has already visited will tell you that MCS is a special place. But the holiday season seems to always bring with it a little extra magic.

Maybe it’s the colors from our selection of Christmas decor, which is one of the largest and most unique you’ll ever find. Maybe it’s the spiced flavors and aromas that fill the store from our grocery and deli, which is packed with seasonal selections that will fill your heart with nostalgia, and your belly with delicious treats.

Or maybe it’s the awestruck look on the faces of a new family who has just come in and is discovering the store for the first time. Their eyes open wide when they see how beautifully everything is arranged, then closing to better take in the smell of our famous cinnamon-glazed bavarian nuts. The smiles that run across their faces when they discover the perfect gift for someone they love, or that one piece of home decor that will put the finishing touch on their holiday decoration.

Or maybe it’s the moment when, as they’re walking out of the store, arms full of goodies, and they turn back to take one more look at the place and do their best to throw me a wave goodbye. It’s in that moment that I know that I haven’t seen the last of them. A trip to Marilla Country Store is now a staple of their holiday season.

They feel what I have felt since I started coming here as a little girl, so many years ago. And what I still feel every morning when I open the shop, no matter what is going on in the world around me.

Holidays at Marilla Country Store are magical. We can’t wait to show you why.

Love, Sandy